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Healing with Care!

Medical treatment is one of the most important areas where animals need our help. We cannot share the animal’s pain or feel the distress she is feeling, but we try our best to reduce her suffering as far as possible. Our treatment protocols are designed with only one purpose in mind: giving every fighting chance to the struggling animal so her precious life is saved, even if that looks difficult at the time of rescue. We have seen exemplary, almost miraculous recoveries in animals who had given up hope and were prescribed euthanasia by other facilities. When we see them thrive today, it gives us strength and courage to try our best with every animal we rescue.

Sarvoham ensures that each rescued animal receives the best medical care and attention regardless of her age or breed. If the animal is critical at the time of rescue, we do not wait for her to be brought to the shelter. We approach the nearest hospital and initiate action before it’s too late for her. Animals who are relatively stable are brought to the shelter and the treatment begins either in our ambulance or at the shelter, depending upon her condition.

Our clinics are equipped with biochemistry, CBC, electrocautery and SPO2 machines, and each animal admitted for treatment undergoes a thorough blood profile. Currently, we do not have an X-Ray or an Ultrasound machine, so all animals requiring these facilities are taken to private hospitals. Once the animal’s condition is ascertained through the blood profile, X-rays or ultrasound reports, our experienced veterinarians prescribe the further course of medication, treatment, diet and exercise. Our dedicated healthcare team follows the veterinarian’s instructions strictly to achieve optimum recovery, all the while focusing on the care and comfort of the animal to make her recovery as painless and relaxed as possible.

All animals admitted to Sarvoham have a separate case-sheet. Our case-sheet is a detailed and intricate document where the diagnostic details as well as the details regarding the condition, medication, response and behavior of the animal are recorded. The temperature of the all recovering animals are recorded in the case-sheet once at the beginning and once at the end of each day. The case-sheet becomes, at the end of the animal’s recovery, the story of her fight with a deadly health issue and consists of all the details of her health. After an animal’s complete recovery, we hand the sheet over to the reporters so that they are aware of the treatment she has received in case they need to take her to a veterinarian in future or if she comes back to us for treatment.

Sarvoham prescribes cage-rest to all animals depending upon their condition. Our cage-rest protocols are designed with the animal’s treatment, recovery and safety in mind. All newly-admitted animals are referred to up to 72 hours of cage-rest in order for us to ascertain their behavior and health condition, and also to let them feel safe among so many new animals. If the behavior and condition of the animal does not require confinement, she is let free in the shelter until she recovers fully after which she is released back to her original location.

All animals coming to Sarvoham are given health supplements to compensate for the excessive nutrition loss they generally suffer from on the streets. This includes supplements to improve immunity, bone-health and to regulate appetite. All puppies who are abandoned by their mothers or are found lost on the streets need to cope up from the nutrition loss caused by the lack of mother’s milk. They are given calcium supplements, liver tonic, vitamins and minerals to compensate for the loss.

All our protocols for treatment, population control, disease prevention are in strict correspondence with the WHO/AWBI/ The Prevention and Control of Infectious and Contagious Diseases in Animals Act 2009. If unfortunately, an animal’s condition does not improve after all our efforts, we follow AWBI’s euthanasia guidelines to ease out the animal from the suffering. In this way, we ensure our protocols and practices are approved by recognized authorities who genuinely care about the well-being of animals.

In this manner, we try to leave no stone unturned to help the animal to achieve a state of optimum health, and to provide her a caring and comfortable environment while she fights with the difficulties that have unfortunately befallen her.