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Let's Save a Life!

Sympathy with the animal to be rescued is the main driving force behind all that we do. We have tried to imbibe the values of kindness even in our rescue process and practices. One example of this is that we avoid using a net to catch animals. As far as possible, we try to avoid tools and approach the suffering animal with love and gentleness. We do not confine the animal if she is not aggressive. Rescued animals come to our shelter in the most respectful and comfortable manner with one rescue staff member always by her side to comfort her in her distressful time. We use dog beds to pick the injured/ill animal and bring her to the ambulance to avoid causing pain to any area that might be hurting. If the animal is unconscious, we observe her carefully all through the way to ensure her safety and comfort.

If the animal to be rescued is too critical to bring to the shelter, we take her to the nearest hospital to get her the best possible medical attention in the shortest amount of time. At critical junctures like these, all cost considerations are ignored and nothing is given more importance than the animal’s life.

If the animal is suffering immensely, the rescue staff is trained and equipped to begin the first-aid treatment right in the ambulance without wasting any time. Administration of pain relief medicine or IV Fluid, arresting bleeding, bringing the animal out of shock, these are some of the ways in which the rescue team initiates action right after the rescue.

In this way, we ensure that we begin the responsibility of saving a life with utmost care and love!