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Time to go back Home!

All animals deserve to spend their life peacefully and undisrupted in their own locality. An animal rescue shelter may appear safe, comfortable and convenient for healthy animals but in reality, shelters are hotspots for several life-threatening and contagious infections brought in by different animals rescued for so many different issues. Therefore, Sarvoham releases back all rescued animals after they attain complete recovery from their health complications. The animals who need sanctuary due to some disability or vulnerability live as cherished permanent residents of Sarvoham and are not released back to their original locations.

We follow strict guidelines while releasing pets and do not entertain requests to relocate animals by reporters or owners. At the time of release, the manager ensures that the reporter or the owner takes full responsibility of regular and adequate feeding of the animal, and promises to take proper care of her/him.

All pups of less than six months of age are vaccinated against rabies, parvovirus, canine distemper, leptospirosis and other fatal infections. These puppies are also dewormed and treated for ticks and fleas. A thorough blood profile of each puppy is taken to ensure there are no hidden health complications. After this, the pups are put up for adoption or are handed over to the reporter or owner if they take full responsibility for their safety and well-being.

Release 2

All dogs above 6 months of age are dewormed and vaccinated against rabies. Before the release, they are sterilized, dewormed and a blood profile is done to ensure their optimum health. If the dog is of any breed other than Indian, it is considered a case of abandonment and the animal is kept in the shelter and is put up for adoption. All dogs above 8 years of age are considered senior dogs and are allowed to spend the twilight years of their life at our shelter sanctuary.

Before release, the tag number of the pet is verified multiple times to ensure the right animal is being released to the right location. All pet-release events are recorded in the ambulance camera to ensure that we have sufficient documentation to verify the accuracy of the releases.