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Giving a Safe Space!

It takes time and patience to win the trust of the gentle beings we pick for rescue from the streets. The abuse, neglect and indifference they have endured on the streets make rehabilitation a long and ongoing process.

All recovered dogs who are healthy to survive on their own are released back to their original locations (refer to the release part of this section to read more). The dogs with a chronically declining health condition or physical disability are rehabilitated in the shelter to stay on with us all their lives.

Unfortunately, Sarvoham gets a scary number of dogs who have their backs broken by some road accident. These dogs are permanently paralyzed with hardly any hope of recovery. All these dogs have a separate area and a dedicated caregiver at Sarvoham. Each of these dogs has her separate cool-bed at Sarvoham. These beds are specially designed to avoid bed-sores and allow better ventilation for their bodies. Our staff changes the position of their bodies every two hours during the day. They are not disturbed at night to allow them to have an uninterrupted sleep. Many of these dogs have stopped eating and need syringe feeding. Their declining health often makes them picky eaters so our caregivers offer them a variety of different foods so that the animals have the choice of eating the food that pleases them the most in their difficult time. Two room heaters are permanently assigned to the care of these dogs and are switched on at night to maintain the warmth and stability of temperature. It is our sincere endeavor to make the life of these disadvantaged beings as comfortable as possible.

All new residents of Sarvoham are introduced to the others slowly and in a phased manner. More aggressive dogs are accommodated in separate enclosures to avoid the chances of conflict or quarrels.

Puppies have a separate area at Sarvoham as they have a greater risk of disease contraction. Since puppies are also prone to hypothermia, a heater is switched on during the night to keep the little ones warm and cozy. An enclosure of warm curtains keeps the ventilators covered and the area protected from the chilly winds at night.

There is a separate Isolation ward for the patients of Canine Distemper and Parvovirus. A strict dress code is followed by everyone stepping in and out of the isolation area. Disposable shoe covers are used to ensure no traces of the virus travel outside the isolation ward. The entrance of the isolation ward is guarded by two doors with a gap between them to ensure that even if a healthy dog enters one of them, the gap before the second one protects them from entering the infected area. The whole shelter is disinfected thoroughly each day to eliminate the chances of infection spreading from one area to another.

There is no way we can compensate these lovely souls for what they have lost but all the above measures help us make them get comfortable and allow a smooth process of settling in into their new home that is Sarvoham.