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Memorialize a loved one!

Memorializing a loved one by donating to the welfare of suffering animals in need is truly a thoughtful gesture. It can be greatly comforting to know that your loved one makes a difference in suffering animals’ lives even when he/she is no more in this world. 


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Memories Make a Difference


Celebrate a special occasion with us

To include other disadvantaged beings in your birthdays, anniversaries, and such special occasions is a great act of benevolence. It gives great peace to know that someone’s life is better, even for just that one day, because they were a part of your special day. You can leave a special note while making the donation and we can dedicate the day’s food or treats or any other special offering to your occasion. Our staff would be happy to click pictures of the celebrations and share it with you as well as on our social media platforms.


Leave our dogs a gift in your will

To think of a better world, even when one may not be in it anymore, is deeply considerate. It takes a huge amount of generosity and courage to acknowledge one’s mortality while thinking about the future of other innocent suffering beings. We laud you for your sympathy and the meaningful values you endorse. Our animals at Sarvoham will be truly grateful for your kind act. To leave a gift for a suffering animal in your will, you may contact us. Click here